Custom Ribbon For A Form Doesn't Work


Stewart Berman

Access 2007

I have created the XML to define a custom ribbon and put it into USysRibbons. If I click on the
Office button and select Access Options \ Current Database and select it in the Ribbon Name combo
box, close and reopen the database I see the custom Ribbon.

If I clear the Ribbon Name combo box, open a form in design mode, click on properties\all and select
the same ribbon name and close and reopen the database and open the form nothing happens -- I see
the standard ribbon.

The instructions at:
say it should work -- but it doesn't.

What am I missing?

Albert D. Kallal

The following ribbon works for me:

<customUI xmlns="">
<tab id="MyTab" label="Test Tab">
<group id="MyTestGroup" label="Test">
<button id="Hello" label="Hello World Button"
onAction="=MsgBox('Hello world!')" />

I would turn on UI errors, and then access will inform you of the "errors"
in the xml.

office button->access options->Advanced

scroll down to "General" group and ensure that
[x] Show add-in user interface errors

is selected.

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