Hiding AC 2007 Ribbon



Trying to hide the ribbon. Per vb help, created a table called USysRibbons

FieldName: RibbonName
Value: HideTheRibbon

FieldName: RibbonXML
Value: <CustomUI
xmins="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2006/01/CustomUI"> <Ribbon
(Couldn't seem to remove the underline)

I then specified HideTheRibbon in the Ribbon and Toolbar Options.
Of course, I closed and re-opened the db.

Is the value for RibbonXML correct? All spaces in order??

It doesn't hide the ribbon.

Any help will be appreciated,


I pasted an example from a link from a reply I got about a month
ago concerning this. It works ok but I'm not sure if I want the ribbon
hidden or not. Just testing

Thanks much,

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