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I would like to hide the Ribbon on start up, but still have a way to show a
way to show the print dialog box. I have been able to hide the Ribbon using
the USYSRIBBON table and the following XML, but it also disables all of the
options on the Office button, so if a report is previewed, there is no way
to print. My solution must bring up the print dialog so that the user can
select his printer.

<customUI xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2006/01/customui">


<command idMso="FileNewDatabase" enabled="false"/>

<command idMso="FileCloseDatabase" enabled="false"/>

<command idMso="ApplicationOptionsDialog" enabled="false"/>

<command idMso="FileExit" enabled="false"/>



Albert D. Kallal

Just build an custom ribbon for the report. For each report, you then just
specify that ribbon in the "other tab"

I have nice report example that has pdf + email ability built in.

You can find that example here:


direct link:

grab the one called
Access 2007 report ribbon example (with PDF and email)

Just cut + paste in the report xml into your table.

And, then just import the two code modules...

You can also grab the one called:
Access 2007 Hidden interface example
The above one has a simple ribbon interface without the email + pdf options.

Mark Andrews

Albert has a great example for a print preview ribbon, also needed 100% for
any kind of application using the access runtime.

If you are not using the runtime, I usually just go with a custom ribbon
(while the whole application is up, it could be pretty simple) and then just
use the "out of the box" print preview ribbon. Just specify your custom
ribbon for the forms and specify no ribbon for the reports and they will use
the "out of the box" ribbon.

However Albert's has a few touches that are better than the "out of the box"
so maybe I'll start using it everywhere.

My two cents,

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