Customize Ribbon - idMso "ExportExcel" not working



Sorry if I have already posted this, couldn't find the post.

I am trying to get the "Export to Excel" control to show up in a custom
ribbon. Here is the code

<customUI xmlns="">
<ribbon startFromScratch="false">
<tab idMso="TabCreate" visible="false" />
<tab id="dbCustomTab" label="MyTab" visible="true">
<group id="dbCustomGroup" label="Excel Functions">
<control idMso="ImportExcel" label="Import from Excel"
<control idMso="ExportExcel" label="Export to Excel"
<group id="dbCustomGroup2" label="Database">
<control idMso="DataRefreshAll" label="RefreshAll" enabled="true"/>

Everything controls display except for the Export to Excel. It doesn't
appear. Any thoughts?



Albert D. Kallal

Is this an runtime application - that would explain the button not

Also, what context are you talking about for exporting?

Are you exporting an table, query or report? If that Excel button is only
for exporting an query and you looking at an report, it might not show nor

If you looking for a report solution, and one that works in the runtime, I
have a nice one here:

The above has:

Save-as PDF
email as PDF
export to text, html, and Excel.....

And, all of the above features work in the runtime in my example..

(grab the one in the above called Access 2007 report ribbon example (with
PDF and email)

That example also includes an Excel export button, but is only for
reports, so it may not be what you need...


Thanks Albert. I'm trying to export a report, I believe I am using the right
button, but I could be wrong ;-)

Thanks for the link. Should do the trick.

Cheers J.

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