Custom Ribbon - ExportExcel not showing



I created a custom ribbon for an access 2007 application.

I use the same code in two different applications

The Export to Excel, Export to Word and Export to Text buttons are missing
the ribbon appears in one of the applications. Everything appears in the

below is the xml I am using. Is there a setting or something I missed in
the application with the missing ribbon buttons?

<customUI xmlns="">
<ribbon startFromScratch="true">
<tab id="tabPrintPreview" label="Print Preview">

<group id="grpPrint" label="Print" visible="true">
<button idMso="PrintDialogAccess" size="large" />
<button idMso="PageSetupDialog" size="large"/>

<group id="myExportGroup" label="OutPut To" visible="true">
<button idMso="ExportExcel" size="large" />
<button idMso="ExportWord" size="large"/>
<button idMso="ExportTextFile" size="large"/>

<group id="grpZoom" label="Zoom">
<splitButton idMso="PrintPreviewZoomMenu" size="large"/>
<toggleButton idMso="ZoomFitToWindow" size="large"/>
<toggleButton idMso="ZoomOnePage" size="large"/>
<toggleButton idMso="PrintPreviewZoomTwoPages"

<group id ="mySortGroup" label ="Sort and Filter">
<toggleButton idMso="FilterToggleFilter" />
<menu idMso="SortSelectionMenu" />
<menu idMso="FilterAdvancedMenu" />

<group id="grpClosePreview" label="Close" visible="true">
<button idMso="PrintPreviewClose" size="large" />


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