Custom Memory Settings Lost after Re-Boot


Gary De Feyter

I just built a new machine with a gigabyte of RAM & shouldn't need a 1 1/2
gigabyte page file. I have gone through the steps to customize the pagefile
settings and they work fine until I re-boot. Then I find that pagefile.sys
has again swollen to 1535 MB. At first I thought that my settings of min 20
/ max 100 were simply too low and therefore ignored by XP. But even with
settings of Min 200 / Max 800 I'm seeing the same behavior. The Bill James
pagefile monitor shows typical session usage hovers around 10-15 MB. What am
I missing here?

Mike DeLeonardis

you set your pagefile to 20mb? that can cause system instability.

just because you have a lot of RAM doesnt mean you dont need a swapfile...

it's always best to create the swapfile 1.5x the size of your available ram.

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