Crunching Issues

Apr 20, 2016
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Hello fellow crunchers,

As you may have noticed I recently joined the PC Review Crew II.

The only problem is that the BOINC manager is saying there is no work available.

I have 4 available projects selected and have checked the "If there is no work available for the project(s) I have selected above, please send me work from another project." box

Does anyone know if and when there will be work available for me to crunch?


Feb 23, 2002
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Really pleased you've joined the team Luke :). I'm not too familiar with BOINC anymore, but I'm sure one of the clever crunchers will know the answer :D.

From what I remember, it can take a few hours for work to be allocated - but there will always be something available to crunch, so if it's still not sending anything then it may need some tweaking.


Crunchy Cat
Jun 1, 2006
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Hi there Lukeyg, and welcome to the Crew! :)

I would be inclined to look at local settings, for example: open BOINC click on Activity and see which options you have selected. Have you restricted Network activity maybe?

You could also take a peek at Options > Computing preferences and see whether any of the settings are suspended, and how many days of work you are allowing BOINC to store.

Just a couple of thoughts to be going on with.

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