cross references fail to update



This could be serious. I have my first chapter back from an author.

She changed the order of a few examples (for instance, the old (43) is
now before the old (42)).

I rearranged the two examples, and they renumbered themselves

I selected the text containing the cross references to the renumbered
items and pressed F9 -- and the cross references changed so that both
the old (42) and the new (42) are referenced as (42), and Ctrl-
clicking on the hyperlink takes me to (42) for both of them.

For this one case it's not a problem, but it will be a very serious
problem in that superlong chapter with over 1000 cross references,
some at a great distance, especially since in the ms. the author had
omitted one numbered example so I inserted an empty numbered paragraph
so the cross references would read as intended, and when I delete the
empty paragraph, every example after it and all the cross references
to them will have to decrease by 1 (even if there are no insertions,
deletions, or rearrangements).



AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!! A cross reference to an example in this group from
30 pages later updated itself properly.

As someone said the other day, "It's just Word being Word."

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Very likely in the process of moving, the author got one example inside the
bookmark for the other. Reinsert the cross-reference (which will reinsert
the bookmark), and you should be okay.


No, I was the one who did the moving, and when something gets hooked
in wrong like that, the whole moved item gets gray highlighting, so I
know to Undo it and move it more carefully.

I reentered the cross references and that paragraph was ok -- and then
the stray one I happened to notice later on was correct.

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