Creating VPN for domain users



I have been advised to ask this question here, hoping someone can point me in
the right direction.
We have a newly established domain, running Server 2003, which we are trying
to add roughly 300 users to.
I have stumbled across a problem with laptop users. We are specifying a DNS
server for all workstations to connect up to as the DNS, DC's and TS's are
all hosted off site.
This works fine until users take their laptops off site. As they have no VPN
setup in place they are unable to locate the DNS server.
Can anyone guide me through setting this up to enable users to continue
using their laptops off site so that they encounter no DNS issues?
Thank you.



Phillip Windell

There is nowhere enough information about the design and structure of the
system to begin to suggest anything.

Domains are irrelevant, could be doing this and not even have a
"domain". A domain is an administrative environment,...this is not an
administrative question but a network design question.

With 300 hosts, I can say this. You need two subnets with a /24bit mask
( This gives a possible 508 host,..which is 254 per subnet.
This gives the maximum number of hosts per each segment without going over
the limit of 250-300 hosts that Ethernet performance begins to degrade in.

I can also say this about the Laptops, have to use DHCP on the LAN.
Then when the laptops are "away" they will get new "IP Specs" from where
ever they are at.

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