Creating separate graphs for columns of data



Two issues to solve for data that looks like this:

Customer Jan Feb March Apr ...
A 10 5 4 3
B 6 6 5 2
C 0 9 0 3
D 8 1 0 0
E 5 0 1 0

1st: I would like to create 12 charts, 1 for each month. However, I don't
want Jan's data on the Feb chart, or Jan and Feb on the March chart.

2nd: I ONLY want the customer and data to show up on the chart if there is
not a '0' in the category. So, the first bar chart would have A, B, D, and E
in January. The second bar chart would have A, B, C, and D in Feb.

My columns are long, so the data is fairly complex with lots of 0's that I
don't want shown on the chart.

Is there a way to easily create these bar charts?


Melissa Hess
(e-mail address removed)


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