Combine 2 Charts 2007 Excel



I have a line chart (looks like an S curve graph) with two rows of data below
& this chart looks exactly like I want it to.
Period % Complete
Dec-04 7%
Jan-05 9%
Feb-05 10%
Mar-05 12%
Apr-05 14%
May-05 19%
Jun-05 22%
Jul-05 23%
Aug-05 24%
Sep-05 26%
Oct-05 28%
Nov-05 32%
Dec-05 36%
Jan-06 40%
Feb-06 45%
Mar-06 50%
Apr-06 55%
May-06 59%
Jun-06 63%
Jul-06 66%
Aug-06 71%
Sep-06 75%
Oct-06 78%
Nov-06 81%
Dec-06 85%
Jan-07 87%
Feb-07 89%
Mar-07 91%
Apr-07 93%
May-07 94%
Jun-07 94%
Jul-07 95%
Aug-07 95%
Sep-07 95%
Oct-07 95%
Nov-07 95%
Dec-07 95%
Jan-08 95%
Feb-08 95%
Mar-08 95%
Apr-08 95%
May-08 100%
Jun-08 100%
Jul-08 100%
Aug-08 100%
Sep-08 100%
Oct-08 100%
Nov-08 100%
Dec-08 100%
Jan-09 100%
Feb-09 100%
Mar-09 100%
Next, I have more data that should be expressed as a bar chart or straight
lines, the data is below. I want these bars or lines to be on my line chart
(S curve graph). Each issue should appear as a line or bar. Each issue
should begine on its start date & end on its end date. This is the chart I
have not been able to create & once it is created I need to put it on the
line chart (S curve graph). Can both be put on one chart or must I make 2 &

Issues Start End
Foundation Design 22-Dec-04 23-Aug-06
Stone Cladding 16-Nov-04 3-Jul-06
Security W & D 4-May-05 15-Dec-05
Vault Door 12-Sep-05 20-Jun-06
Atrium Bridge Enclosure 14-Dec-04 27-Jun-06
Interior Lighting Design 15-Feb-05 25-May-06
Lighting Controls 25-May-06 1-Jun-06
NOB Shades 7-Feb-06 1-May-06
Ext Lighting Design 15-Feb-05 7-Mar-06
Water Tank 12-Dec-05 1-Jan-06
Chg No1 W to D 18-Jan-06 18-Aug-06
Chg No 5 W to N02 30-Sep-05 3-Oct-05
Glazing 18-Oct-05 5-Sep-06
Bracnh Circuit Wiring 21-Feb-06 17-Jul-06
Louver Sched 6-Jun-05 26-Jul-06
Revise Perimtr Ltg 7-Mar-07 14-Jun-07
Sound Attenuators at NOX 27-Jan-08 3-Mar-09
Boiler Bypass 29-Nov-07 3-Mar-09

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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