Daily / Monthly Chart




Is it possible that I have 2 sets of data, but I can switch between viewing
either of them in 1 chart using a combo box?
Daily Monthly
Column A Column B Column D Column E
3 Jan 2005 1.2590 Jan 2005 1.2090
4 Jan 2005 1.2590 Feb 2005 1.2650
5 Jan 2005 1.2260 Mar 2005 1.1930

The list will be updated daily. What happens is that the data for monthly is
derived from the last possible day from the daily portion, which might not be
the last day of the month. For example Jan 2005 1.2090 could be from 27th
Jan, after which the information in column A will be 1st Feb 2005. I am using
Office 2007.


Yes it is possible because I have to do this on a daily basis. I use the
validation and list to create a drop down list and a couple of vlookup
formulas and use one chart that will show whaterver I select in the drop down

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