Creating a movie using MOV extension to Windows Moview Maker



Hi! everyone... I'm newbie here...

I'd like to ask some assistance regarding my video editing and video
importing to Windows Movie Maker. I'm using Windows Movie Maker 2.1 on
operating systems XP.

I've purchase a digital camera with brand name KODAK. I upgrade it's memory
to 128 so that i can store more pictures and movie. And because KODAK create
movie with extension MOV, I have difficulty importing my movies from my
camera to Windows Movie Maker.

1. How can I import MOV file's to Windows Movie Maker?

2. Is it possible? b'coz if not I will not spend more time looking for a way
to import my movie to Windows Moview Maker.

That's all sir/madam.

Thank you in advance. GOD Bless!


..Mov files are Apple Quicktime proprietary format movies.
You would need a converter to first convert the .mov files to something
Windows Movie Maker can use, such as .avi.
Since I have never had the need to do this, I do not have a program that I
can reccomend, but if you search for quicktime converters, you will find
programs that do this, some of which are free.

Hope that helps


Circuitâ„¢ said:
1. How can I import MOV file's to Windows Movie Maker?

You have many options here.

1. You can convert the files properly to AVI using QuickTIme Pro ($30)
or Rad Video Tools (freeware):

2. You can repackage the files in to an AVI container without
recompression using MP4Cam2AVI. This works lightening fast:

3. You can just rename the file extension from MOV to MOV.AVI after
installing QuickTime Alternative

My favourite is no:3 but your milage may vary.


Thank you very much sir...

it help me a lot..

GOD bless ang more power to you!

have a nice day!

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