Creating a large photo presentation with music



I'm trying to create a very large photo (750+ photos) presentation with music
that transitions automatically. I want the music to start on certain slides
and then repeat the song until a new song is specified. The photos/slides
are setup to transition every 4 seconds. I have been able to do this by
embedding the music. The problem is that the file is now very large and I'm
having trouble managing it. I have trouble saving it and I'm afraid it won't
run well from start to finish. I have thought about the following:
- Breaking it up into smaller separate presentations and starting them from
a batch file (command line). The problem with this is that it loops on the
first one only. I want it to play all of them in order since they really are
smaller parts of a bigger presentation.
- Not embedding the music. If I do this I can't get it to always start on
the right slide and play until the next music is started. If I remember
correctly it didn't repeat and it didn't stop if the next sound was started
before the first one was done. It is also a pain to get the number of slides
correct in such a large presentation.

Any suggestions?

Also, how can I delete a sound (music) that is embedded in a presentation
and no longer needed?

Thanks for any help!

John Wilson

personally i would use Photo Story instead. It's a free download from Microsoft

Echo S

I'm with John -- I'd use Movie Maker or Photo Story or something besides
PPT. PPT's not good at synching and dealing with sound as you've described.

To delete an embedded sound, just delete the sound icon.

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