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I have recently switched to OL 07 with BCM and I am trying to use it for a
pre-foreclosure investment business, where I am gathering and investigating
many names and raw leads. I receive these leads from a list that I subscribe
to which can export MANY fields and I want to import the fields (I only need
about 50 of the 120 fields in the spreadsheet) into the BCM but it's only
capable of importing about 40 of them.

So, there is 3 parts of this question...First, how to do I perform adding
many more fields to the BCM than it seems to allow (I need about 50-60)?
Next, how do I add a new tab for more 'detailed' information that is
customized (such as comparable value, APN number,etc...)? And finally, how
do I import the fields once I have the list emailed to me?

Just so you know, I have watched all of the tutorials, read most of the
articles and tried to search all that I could before asking this group this

Steve W.



Lon Orenstein


Well, the first answer is No, you can only have 40 fields added.

The second answer is "attach an Access database" and create a table that
holds hundreds of fields. You would need to have some programming knowledge
to link together the records in Access with the Business Contact in BCM.
Your programmer would design a form in Access that could show that data
related on the screen. You could put an icon in BCM to launch that so you
could see "extra data" for that contact by clicking on a Contact's icon bar.

The third answer is to see if you could live with 40 instead of 60 fields.
Do you REALLY need all that data? Yes, it would be good to have it but how
many times do you query on every field of data?


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