Create a file in Pocket PC 2002 mode




I created a simple Smart Device Application for my PDA to create a file on my pocket p.c.

When I debug this solution with Pocket PC 2002 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, the file isn't created.
When I debug this file in a "normal" windows application the file is created in the "debug" folder.
Can anybody tell me where the file is placed with the Pocket PC 2002? I don't get an error. But I also can't access the file.

code looks like this:
using System.IO;

StreamWriter stWr = new StreamWriter("test1.txt");

All help is appriciated!


CE has no notion of a "current directory" so you must give a full path to


Steve B.

Put you can build yourself the current directory using :

string currentDirectory = System.IO.Path.GetDirectory(

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