Visual Studio 2003's Debug not working with app.exe.config file and .Net Compact Framework 2.0




we use Visual Studio 2003, with Pocket PC installed with NETCF2.

We've got NETCF1 applications that we are able to run with NETCF2 when
we use an app.exe.config file.

What we can't do is to use the Debug mode of VS 2003 on such Pocket PC.

When we try to use the Debug mode, we obtain in the log window just
comments saying that the application is correctly deployed. Nothing
happens. Neither on the Pocket PC, nor on Visual Studio. We stay in
"code editing" mode.

On Pocket PC installed with just NETCF1, the Debug mode is working

Ilya Tumanov [MS]

You can not use VS 2003 to debug applications running against NETCF V2.

If you remove configuration file and run against V1 it should work. Please
let me know if it does not.

Best regards,


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