can not find System.Data in Compact Framework 1.0 project



Hello everyone,

I have used Visual Studio 2005 to create a C# .Net Compact Framework 1.0
application on Pocket Pc 2003 device. But when building the application,
there are some errors dealing with System.Data can not find.

I have solved this issue by manually add System.Data from References of
project, and it is working now. I am wondering whether we should manually add
reference to System.Data in an application based on .Net Compact Framework
1.0 (Pocket PC 2003).

thanks in advance,


Thank you Mark! Do you mean System.Data should be added automatically when we
created a project? But in my situation, System.Data is not added
automatically. I am creating an empty project, is it the reason (empty
project)? Currently, only System is added automatically to the project as


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