CPU cooler - Cooler Master CP5-6J31C



It doesn't look as if I'm going to have the space for my fav Zalman
cooler in my cheapo 'revamp-old-dog' project. (looking to shave off
another cent as well, ;-))

CPU is XP2200+ t-bred, and I'm not fond of noise.

I can pick up an old Cooler Master CP5-6J31C almost for free.
CM claims 31dBA, 30 000hrs at 4800rpm. Comments, anyone :-o
Particularly since I'm not good at 'reading' dBAs, and seller is more
modest, "33dBA". I assume there's a good difference between 31 and
33dBA? I know 28dBA is fairly quiet, but is 33dBA?

Or should I try to get hold of (and try to fit) the bigger CP5-8JDIF
(80mm fan at 2500rpm and 29dBA) instead?

I've also noticed another manufacturer 'Arctic' makes outrageous
claims of silence on very cheap coolers? Can this be trusted?

It looks like I may have to replace PSU as well. I want to anyway. The
old one is so noisy. I'm utterly clueless and lost about PSU, :-(
Somebody else have always chosen these for me.
I don't understand them. I won't put up the money for an Antec. Any
suggestions, and advice are welcome. I think I can manage well enough
with 300W, and I'm tentatively considering SeaSonic and FSP Group.
I Imagine these are quiet and reasonably priced.
I also noticed Q-Tec is quite cheap, but they look a lot like the
Stuka-siren I intend to replace?



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