Cooler Master HAF-XB Computer Case Enclosure


Mar 25, 2003
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Benchmark Reviews have taken a look at the Cooler Master HAF-XB Computer Case Enclosure:

"I told my wife recently that building computer systems for me was like knitting was for her. There's design, execution and a certain contemplative mental state involved in both disciplines. By now, Benchmark Reviews has seen just about every significant interpretation of the "full size ATX tower case" design possible, so I've gotten pretty used to builds in these types of cases, and know what to look for via component placement and cable routing.

But a tower is not the only possible design for ATX cases, and Cooler Master's HAF XB RC-902XB-KKN1 case proves it. It's likely different from anything you've ever seen before, and its design, while not unique, is certainly not common in the consumer desktop computer arena.

Cooler Master says that this case's design makes it suitable for both a (large) LAN box as well as a test bed for people who like to tinker with their systems.

To test these claims, I'm going to examine this case and detail and build a complete gaming system in it. Onwards!"

You can read more here.


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