Copy and Paste Special Error



When I copy a range of cells from Ms Excel 2007. And do a paste special in
Ms Word 2007 (using Link). In word i cannot see the entire range but only
the last row of the range. No matter how i resize it, it just won't display
the entire range that i have copy from excel.

Pesach Shelnitz

Hi Thchong,

In Word, move your cursor into the area of the part of the spreadsheet that
you see and press Alt+F9. Do you see something like the following with
numbers that correspond to the row and column numbers of your selection?

{LINK Excel.Sheet.8 "C:\\MyPath\\MyFile.xlsx" "Sheet1!R3C1:R16C25" \a \p }

Do the numbers after R and C correspond to the rows and columns that you
If you do not see field codes like these, what do you see?

garfield-n-odie [MVP]

If the paragraph in Word that you are pasting into from Excel is
set to a line height of Exactly something, then change the line
height to Automatic.

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