How do I copy and paste an entire 4 page Word Doc into Excel?



I need to copy the entire content of a small Word doc (about 4-6 pages,
including text and some pictures) into Excel.
In Word, I "Edit - Select All", then "Edit - Copy".
In Excel, when I "Edit - Paste Special" and use either of the formats MS
Word Doc Object or Picture (EMF), only the first page of the Word doc is
pasted in.

How do I get the entire content copied and pasted??


We're using Excel to document our Processes & Procedures, so, one worksheet
has a process diagram, another has the associated procedures, other sheets
hold the relevant parts of the "sytem manual". and other sheets may hold
sample forms. And there are hyperlinks between the worksheets.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Seems like a much better job for Word, or perhaps a PDF constructed from the
relevant parts.

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