Word generates automatic OLE links when selecting Paste Special in



Using 2007 office programs. From Word 2007, copy something and then paste
into Excel 2007. THis is fine, but I want to use Paste Special and just
bring in the text. When I select paste special (not the selection of Text),
Word immediately generates an OLE link in the Word doc.

I don't want to update the word doc with these. Can I control this at all?
Set the default to Text, so it won't use the Word Object as a default (would
need the link).

Peter Jamieson

FWIW the creation of OLE_LINK bookmarks in this kind of case has nothing
to do with Addins such as Acrobat as has been suggested elsewhere. It's
purely that when you do choose to paste a link, for the link to be
updateable there has to be an identifiable source in Word, so a bookmark
is created. Unfortunately it is created as soon as you go into
Paste->Special, rather than when you actually specify that you want to
insert anything.

Perhaps you could work around this by creating a Macro in Excel that does:

ActiveSheet.PasteSpecial Format:="Text", Link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False

and put the macro in Excel's QAT

Peter Jamieson

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