Paste Special Values




This cant be that hard but I want to ...Paste Special Values in Word.

I have two documents open, I copy text from document 1 and then try to paste
this in document 2, but when I choose...

Edit--> Paste Special,

I get a list...
Microsoft Office WOrd Document Object
Formatted Text (RIF)
Unformatted Text
Picture (Windows Metafile)
Picture (Enhanced Metafile)
HTML Format
Unformatted Unicode Text

Unfortunately none of these paste "values" by maintaining the original
formatting of the document. They all screw up the formatting of the document
being "pasted" into.

Office 2003, Windows XP

Thanks for your help!

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Can you clarify what sort of "values" you're attempting to paste? And why a
simple Paste does not suffice? If you're trying to paste a field result,
just use a simple copy/paste and then immediately select the field and
unlink it with Ctrl+Shift+F9. I think perhaps you are coming from an Excel
background, but there is no "paste values" function in Word.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA


By values I mean...

I have a text "word document text" in document 1, and I want to paste that
string into word document 2.

When I paste "word document text" into word document 2, the format,
indentation, tab spacing etc, etc all change in document 2, and there is no
way to get the original formatting back.

I really want to keep the original formatting in document 2. The only way
to transfer the text, without messing up the formatting, seems to be to
retype all the text. But it would be faster if it could be pasted in.


Yes - I am thinking of excel - paste special values. I have a word "document
2.doc" - that has specific formatting, and I want to copy a large amount of
text from another word "document 1.doc" of "text text text...."

When I copy "text text text" - this is just words - but now the formatting
in "document2.doc" has been changed - and I cant get it back.

I tried copy "ctr-C" and then I highlighted the copied text and "
Ctrl+Shift+F9" but this did not fix the formatting problem - that being the
formatting is changed.

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