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Is there a way to get Word 2002 to automatically paste unformatted
text? I have Word set up to show the paste options glue bottle, which
is nice. 90% of the time, I want unformatted text to be pasted (or
better, to acquire the formatting of the destination page), so when I
have run Word 2007, I used its options to make the default action,
pasting unformatted text. Now Word 2002 will still let me have that
glue bottle when I paste onto a document, but I always have to tell it
to change formatted text to text only.

Barring this, one of the MVPs here has given me a macro to tell Word
to paste unformatted text. I have reproduced its code here:

Sub PasteUnfText()
On Error GoTo Oops
Selection.PasteSpecial DataType:=wdPasteText, Placement:= _
End Sub

Now is there a way to have Word include that glue bottle after using
this macro? That would basically get me what I want (what I asked for,

Graham Mayor

The option to choose the default paste option was introduced with Word 2007.
It cannot be added to Word 2002. If you use the macro you don't get the
paste options dialog. The simplest solution is to assign a keyboard shortcut
to the macro - ALT+SHIFT+V is unassigned - then use CTRL+V when you want the
original paste comamnd and ALT+SHIFT+V when you want an unformatted paste.
If you prefer to use the mouse add the macro to a toolbar button.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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OK thanks. I already have the macro (to paste unformatted text) added
to a toolbar, so I'll just click on it when I want unformatted text.
Mostly when I'm working with copying and pasting I have my right hand
away from the keybaord so the icons on the toolbar would be more
accessible. But at least I can use that keyboard shortcut if I want to
later on.

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