Copied Cells do not run Series consecutively...



I'm hoping someone can help me out with a problem I have...

I am trying to copy a series of formulas from 9 rows above. It would
make sense to use the fill handle to highlight the formulas and copy
down the series. But the series, is not running the formulas

For example the first three rows (Cells D2:D4) are copying a cell
reference (A2) stored as a number from a previous sheet. The next three
rows (Cells D5:D7) copy the next cell reference (A3)(one below) in the
same sheet. And the last three rows (Cells D8:D10) copy or link to the
next cell reference (A4)( one below, again ). I just want the fill
handle to continue this process or series.

But for some reason, it starts the formula by jumping down to the
eleventh cell reference on the previous sheet (skipping over cell 4
through 10 ). I've tried everything to continue the series including
the Edit, Fill, Series function (linear and growth with and with out

What am I missing? I'd like to get this done with having to type up all
these missing rows myself.





Not sure exactly what you want. It sounds like you want to repeat a
reference to a cell 3 times then increment the reference to the next cell:

D2 = =A2
D3 = =A2
D4 = =A2
D5 = =A3
D6 = =A3
D7 = =A3
D8 = =A4
D9 = =A4
D10 = =A4
D11 = =A5
D12 = =A5
D13 = =A5

If that's what you want:




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