using the =page! feature to transpose a row to column

Jan 25, 2014
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I have a series of excel sheets wherein I use formulas to calculate responses to text pasted in from other documents.

The text is pasted in columns in each sheet. This renders final calculations listed in a row at the bottom.

I have one master sheet where I list, in columns, all of the final calculations.

I prefer to use the feature that permits the text to be translated from the various sheets directly to the master page (for instance: =Page!H10).

My problem: when I enter the formula for excel to find the proper cell on one of the many sheets, then drag the formula DOWN, excel reads the cells DOWN. Usually, I can correct this by entering a few instances of the desired pattern in contiguous cells and then dragging it in any direction.

For instance, I enter =Digits!C10, =Digits!D10, =Digits!E10 in three cells from top to bottom. Then, I drag over the three to see if excel continues my pattern. It doesn't.

How can I construct a column of data on one page from a row of data on another page?

Thank you,

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