Converting Pictures To Wallpaper



When I right click on picture and select show a desktop background nothing
happens, then in Paint I can not get that to convert a picture to wallpaper.
Plus the list of backgrounds in display properties doesn't have all the
wallpaper listed. I can find the wallpaper folder that has all the
backgrounds in it they are all .jpg files and only the .bmp under Windows are
Any help would be welcome.
Thanks, Roy


I tried both of the run comands and it said could not find either one. Thanks
for trying, if you have anymore ideas I sure would welcome them.
Thanks again, Roy

John Inzer

Sorry it failed...the following command may
be useful also: (also...scroll down to more
info below)

Go to...Start / Run and type:

(without the quotes)(Yes, there's
a space between 2 and S)


A dialog box should report the following:

"DllRegisterServer in SHIMGVW.DLL succeeded"


Just wondering...did you copy/paste the
commands or enter them by typing? The
reason I ask is because there are necessary
spaces in them that you may have overlooked.

Example...there'a a space after the 2 and
after the i in the following command



I didn't leave the space but went back and typed it right and received the
response you said but still just like it was. Thanks, I'll keep trying.


I have tried everything that was suggested and nothing seems to work. I will
keep on trying and will let you know what I do to fix it. If my luck runs the
way it usually does I'll probably have to do a clean reinstall of Windows XP.
I have only had a computer since Oct.04 and have already had to do it once
before. I don't know why I keep having trouble, I have a firewall, antivirus
and 4 antispy programs and have never had any trouble with those things just
problems with shutdown. This is the first problem I have had with pictures
and thats the main reason I bought computer.
Again thanks for all your help.


I was able to do one of the registry edits but could not find the second.I
downloaded and run the other thing you suggested and between the two things
my background wallpapers are repopulated with all my wallpaper and they seem
to work ok except when I select them they don't show on the small screen in
display properties box but when I click on apply they display on my desktop.
However when I right click on photo and select display as background nothing
happens. Thanks this is a big improvement over before. I guess I could just
move any photo to my wallpaper folder and see if that works.
Thanks so very much for your help.

Ramesh, MS-MVP


One sure fix for the other two problems that you described is:

From Start-Run

regsvr32 /i shell32.dll
regsvr32 /i mshtml.dll
regsvr32 /i shimgvw.dll

Report any error messages if any. If you've tried some of them already, give
them a try again.


John Inzer said:
Maybe the following site will be useful:

Unable to preview JPG GIF and HTM files
in Display Properties dialog:

Let us know the result.


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

i have the same problem tried the suggestions seemed to do everything correctly but still when i try to make a picture my desktop nothing happens any other suggestions????????????????? thanks


To all of you who have helped Roy,my DEEPEST THANKS to you.I have been
trying for TWO MONTHS and MANY HOURS with DELL "technicians"and I use this
definition lightly,to fix this on-going problem. They almost had me
re-install my system.What a blessing I found as I stumbled on to this forum.
Too bad Dell doesn't hire you.You are all to be commended for your help.You
should be my personal troubleshooter. I am passing the word along to all my
friends & family.
I hope Roy got his problem fixed also
again my thanks

John Inzer

You're welcome. And thanks for
the feedback.

What, exactly...was the problem
you were trying to solve? And what
did you find in this forum that solved it?

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