Wallpaper Missing



When right clicking on desktop and selecting properties>desktop the
background list does not show all the wallpaper I used to have. I can find a
wallpaper folder but none of those are on list. Also when I try to have
picture shown as background nothing happens.
Any help would be welcome.



Now navigate to:-

DWord value: 1 prevents changing wallpaper, 0 allows changes

So if it's 1 then change to 0,close the registry and restart your computer.

ssg MS-MVP


Went into registry as you described and under policies all that was there was
Expolrer and in that it says:(Default) REG_SZ (value not
NoActiveDesktop REG_BINARY 01 00 00 00
NoDriveTypeA REG_DWORD 0X00000091 (145)
NoRecentDocs REG_BINARY 01 00 00 00
NoRecentDocs REG_BINARY 01 00 00 00
NoSharedDocu REG_BINARY 01 00 00 00
I do not have a floppy drive so I understand no type a drive but I used to
have the rest of those things. It seem like I might have stopped showing
Shared Doc in "My Computer" but I don't remember how I did it. I guess I
screwed something up. I am on my first computer so I am still learning. I
bought it Oct,04.
So if you have anymore ideas they would be most welcome.
Thanks, Roy

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