Controls on a form




I have a huge database with multiple forms and subforms. Two of the forms
are very huge and have 800 controls in each. I know access have limitation
on number of controls in a form which is 850. I do many enhancements to the
database and I am sure I will be reaching the number soon. This concerns me
a lot.

Currently I am using Access 2003, my question is if I upgrade to Access 2007
is there a chance of getting more controls in a form.

Thanks in advance.

Jeff Boyce

If you have a form with 800 controls on it, your users must have very large
memories (in their brains, not their computers...).

If you'll describe what kinds of controls you have, and how adding more
controls will help you satisfy the business need you also need to describe,
folks here may be able to offer alternate solutions that don't require such
a huge number of controls.

Good luck!


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP

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