Calling Access 'form' from other applications




I can’t seem to find any relevant posts regarding my particular issue/question...
I have several Access databases and forms, and want to be able to ‘integrate’ these dbs and forms to "other systems".
I have done this in the past by using command-line <start msaccess.exe ‘database’ /x ...> calls to open Access and load a macro.
The macro calls/runs modules.

This has served fairly well until later versions of Access and OS. Now eachtime the command line is sent, multiple versions of Access get loaded. I know I can use the \excl switch at command line to prevent multiple copies of the same database, but that only stops a new instance of the Access database loading and will not execute the macro/module.

What I really want to do is send a command to a particular Access database,load it if it is not already loaded and open a form to display the relevant data/record, or if the database is already loaded, open a form to displaythe relevant data/record.

One way I do get the relevant data is write a text file (from APP1 which isnot an access database) with the search argument from the originating application, then when the appropriate Access database is loaded, a module is called to read the text file, creating search criteria and then apply the criteria to the form.

I do a lot of prototyping and proof of concept development with Access, andam currertly trying to integrate Access to MapInfo and several web-based applications where the Access runs Client-Server with SQL Server backend

Can anyone help?

Thank.... Jan

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