Controls in message body


Chris Szabo

Good afternoon everyone. I'm completely new to Outlook Forms and I just have
a few basic questions.

The goal of the project I'm working on is to have a message template with
different controls in the message body itself. So, for instance, one field
might be a person's name, so there would be a textbox control with a label
for their name. There could be a check box to indicate that the "person"
belongs to a particular group in the message body. There could be a drop
down list in the message body that has one of several categories that a user
should select from.

Once the "message" is complete, it would be emailed to someone else who
would be responsible for filling in other controls within the message. I
have played with the form designer, and I can add controls to a message,
however they do not appear in the received message after it has been sent.

Is what I'm trying to accomplish something that can even be done with
Outlook Forms, or is this outside the capabilities of this particular feature?

Thanks in advance.

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Unless you send out the form to a recipient who has that form published on
their computer or in an organizational forms library that would never work.
Even then the preview pane won't show that sort of content from a custom
form, it won't show anything.

See the forms information, especially the information about sending custom
forms, at to see why this is a bad idea and what the
alternatives are.

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