Please Help! parsing from email body to email address field

Jul 15, 2011
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I receive tons of emails everyday that after I process I have to Forward them to the username listed in the body of the email. I would like to be able to run a macro that pulls the username from the body and puts it into the To field and adds the @domain (which is the same for every single username).

Example body text:

Location : Nevada
Qty : 1
Amt : 128.00
Vendor: me
User : rachml

I would like to speed up the fwd'g process by pushing a button that returns rachml (without a space) in the To: field of my message

This would be after I have already hit Forward, so this would be pulling the text from the forwarded body.

I am running Outlook 2003. I have no real knowledge of Macros or VB besides recording a macro and putting the button on the menu bar.
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