Custom Appointment Form Message Body Deleted upon reply.



I'm developing a custom appointment form on outlook 2003. I have an extra tab
that holds user-defined fields including Yes/No and String value fields and
some code that manipulates items in that tab.
I have some code in my form that appends text to the body upon send. The
form is published in the organizational forms and works well except...

When a invitee receives the meeting invite, they can see the message in the
body just fine. But when he/she click's a response (accept, decline,
tentative) the entire message body is deleted and no message is shown.

If I remove my code to deal with the Item_CustomPropertyChange event, the
message body works fine. Some of my code example:

Sub Item_CustomPropertyChange(ByVal Name)
Select Case Name
Case "IsTrue"
Set oPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages
Set oCntrl = oPage("My Tab Name").Controls("My Control")
oCntrl.Visible = Item.UserProperties.Find("IsTrue").Value
Case "Etc"
End Select
End Sub

Any ideas? Is it typical for an outlook custom form to delete the message
body if some internal error with the user-defined fields and code occurs on
the recipient side?

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance

Eric Legault [MVP - Outlook]

If you are referring to the message that is created when the user chooses to
edit their response to the meetinq request when replying - that is a
different form class: IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Resp. So you'd need to run code
to capture that item, or customize that form class. Also take a look at the
Action for your custom Appointment form - you have finer control over what
happens when a user replies/forwards, such as choosing the form class that is
used for those items.


Sorry for such a late reply, but wanted to thank you for the help! From your
post above, I figured I could add an If statement to check my message class
before continuing with the procedure. This is what I added:

Sub Item_CustomPropertyChange(ByVal Name)
If Item.MessageClass <> "IPM.Appointment.MyCustomForm" Then
Exit Sub
End If
End Sub

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