Content Advisor to Block All Sites with Exception



I am using content advisor to block all Internet access but allowed only a
few sites on the approved list. First of all, I save the codes below as
NoAccess.RAT in system32. Then edited the approved list in Content

My problem is that I want all Intranet sites to be accessible. These
are accessed by just entering the short name instead of a FQDN, e.g. HR,
Production, Accounting. Since there are too many of them, it is not
possible to put them all into the approved list. How can I set up the
content advisor in a way which only checks non-trusted sites but allows
access to trusted zones?


((PICS-version 1.0)
(rating-system "")
(rating-service "")
(name "Noaccess")
(description "This file will block all sites.")

(transmit-as "m")
(name "Yes")
(name "Level 0: No Setting")
(description "No Setting")
(value 0) )
(name "Level 1: No Setting")
(description "No Setting")
(value 1) ) ))

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