content advisor approved sites issue



I have setup a computer to block all sites with the exception of a few. I
accomplished this through IE6's content advisor. I also used the file
noaccess.rat. The few sites I approved have worked very well.

I need to add a new site and running into some issues. After typing the url
in the approved sites list, the site doesn't work properly.

I'm able to go to the home page, however I'm unable to login after entering
my credentials. This go for any user entering their credentials. The weird
thing is if the website doesn't have access shouldn't a pop-up from content
advisor inform me of this.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated. Thanks.


I saw another post regarding the same issue. after enabling content advisor
they cannot log into a secure web site. Specifically going to a certain
https:// site - the siite would bring up a login box and if you enter the
correct username and password it just pops the login box back with no error

Anybody have any ideas. Not only on how to fix this but where to look. Can
anybody give me a more indepth look at what content advisor does in the

Thanks in advance.

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