Content advisor filtering EVERY website



Action: Have set up content advisor thinking I could block unwanted sites but
allow those sites I specify in the Approved sites tab.

Problem: The system for some reason ignores what I've indentified as ALWAYS
viewable sites and blocks ALL sites, promting me for the supervisor password
each and every time. My only recourse todate is to disable content advisor at
the beginning of my session and remember to activate it prior to logging out.

As I understand it content sdvisor should block those sites I've Identified
as restricted or selected NEVER under the approved sites tab. Content advisor
should allow those sites I have entered as trusted under the approved tab.

Help: So the question is why does content advisor filter/block EVERY site


Because the voluntary content-rating system this uses was never implemented
to any real extent by webmasters, and sites with no rating are treated by
default as porn sites.

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