Connector and Outlook 2003



I've been using Connector with my Outlook 2003 and MSN account since last
summer with no problems till I changed my pw the other day. It seemed to stop
working completely. Removed connector, reinstalled, repaired, got mad, gave
up and now I'm here cause I hate using 2 different programs for my email
(using Live Mail now for MSN and Outlook for gmail and work email). When I
try to add the MSN to Outlook, I get an error that says "The Requested
Operation Failed" and when I try to add it through Outlook Connector by
hitting "Add a New Account", it doesn't do anything.

Any ideas?

Roady [MVP]

Is the add-in perhaps listed as disabled?
Help-> About...-> Disabled Items...

Tried removing the account already, restarting Outlook and then adding it
back via Tools-> E-mail Accounts...?
When you get prompted for the type of account, select Other to be able to
choose an Outlook Connector account.


Hey Robert, it's not in the disabaled list and I can't add the msn account
under tools -> email accounts. If I use "other", the "next" button is greyed
and won't let me hit it. When trying to use the "additional server types" way
to add it, the Outlook Connector option says it's not fully configured...

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