connection icon disappeared in Notification area



Question: we created a VPN connection using the Connection Manager
Administrations Kit(CMAK) and established a VPN connection successfully.
After that, in notification area, loacated at right corner of Widnows
desktop, there should be a separate icon for the active VPN connection like
Windows XP, but diappeard. Is that case right? If the case is normal, is
there only one icon for all network connections?
Looking forward for your kindly reply, thanks.

Peter Harrison

I am sure I had two notification icons in the navigation tray to start with
Vista on my new laptop one month old. Since I have usd an ethernet cable on
one ocassion the wireless icon has disappeared and only the "network cable is
uplugged" notification appears. This is annoying as I use the wireless link
most of the time and I have to start up IE to check that I have actually got
a network connection.
please help me retrieve the wireless icon in the notification bbar

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