Network Connections disappeared in Network sharing center


oseni abiola

I noticed that my Network connections (Local Area connection, Bluetooth
connection, Wireless connection) disappeared SP1 Vista Home premium Update.
Though my wireless still works fine through the notifications area.

What can i do to make this appear because i cannot use static IP on any of
my connections.

I also noticed that i cannot do system restore on my PC again. i always get
an error mesaage "system restore was not completed due to undesirable error"
i dont know what this means. I noticed that resore point creation has been
disabled by Group Policy. i dont run Active directory neither am i connected
to one.

Please help me !!!!!!!


I'm having the same problem on my laptop, my virtual devices like my modem
setup for my cell phone connection is the only one that shows up. My Local
Area Connection & Wireless and bluetooth don't show up either. If there is
anyone out there that are having these problems, please help

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