How do I display the network connections icon in the Notifications



How do I display the Network Connection Icon in the Notifications area of the
Task Bar? It was there, but now it's gone.

Under Vista Ultimate, my network notification icon doesn't show up. Unlike
XP this icon seems to no longer be an option of the Network Connection

If I go to the Task Bar Properties (right click the Task Bar) and choose
Notification Area I get the choices for System icons but "Network" is grayed

The Network is working fine BTW.

What's up?



It sounds like you've done this, but I want to be sure: right click on the
tray expansion icon (<), then click Properties, then under System icons,
select Network.

I just want to eliminate this before we move on.


Yes. I've tried that, but Network is unchecked and greyed out.

The icon used to be there.

- Richard


Richard I am having a very similar experience.
Not only is the network check box greyed out, so is Volume, and Power... but
the thing is that they are not always this way. Some times they show up... at
least they used to come and go. Since last Tuesday's patch they do not come
back, or haven't.
Prior to the patch, once in a while they would be visible and so would the
associated icons in the task area. Right now, in order to get to my volume
control I go to RUN and run C:\Windows\System32\SndVol.exe as a work around.
I am thinking it could be a conflict somewhere between hardware and Vista or
drivers and Vista... there is no way, that I know of to easily test for it.

I am running Vista Ultimate on;
HP DV8000t
Intel T2500 @ 2.00GHz
2.00GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 WDDM
50GB avail disk space



I've seen several threads here referring to this problem. When we open the
System Icons dialog box, the clock is enabled, but the others: network,
volume, and power, are all grayed out, and cannot be selected.

Please help.


I solved my problem with the Network icon by rolling back to a previous save
point. I've not had the problem since.

Alas, I don't know what the cause was.

- Richard


Alas, two months later, the problem is back. The sound, network and power
icons are no longer displayed.

These icons seem to randomly disappear and then they can't be turned back on
in the properties dialog.

Clearly this s a bug in Vista.

- Richard

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