Connecting with my remote location



Our main office houses a WIN 2000 server which is our main storage server. We
have one remote office that connects to this server via VPN.

The remote location will lose connectivity to this server once or twice a
week. It seems like every 3 days or something. The only way to reconnect
them, is to reboot this storage server.

All users in the main office will always have connectivity. Only the remote
location users lose connectivity every few days.

My question is: Is there something that WIN 2000 server does every few days
that would terminate this connection? like a policy, a service terminates,
etc etc. And why does it "reconnect" only after rebooting?

I have checked error logs and find nothing out of the ordinary.

Any ideas?

Richard G. Harper

If it were a server problem, I'd expect that all users would lose
connectivity, not just the remote users. I would suspect a problem in the
connection between the home and remote offices, or a problem with the
routers at either end, or a problem with the network at the remote end.

Richard G. Harper [MVP Shell/User] (e-mail address removed)
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