Connecting to an XP Home Edition PC




Would greatly appreciate any insights in to the following
problem I'm having.

I'm trying to connect two PC's together so that I can
transfer files. The files are on a laptop with XP Home
Edition. The other PC has Win2K Pro. I've connected via
Ethernet cards and both are members of WORKGROUP. Host
names are unique

I've gotten it to the point where I can see both PCs
in "My Network Places". I can access files on the XP PC
from the Win2K PC, but not the other way. When I click
on the Win2K PC in "My Network PLaces" on the XP PC, I
get an error that says something about permissions.

Not quite sure where to check on the Win2K box. Do I
need to set something in Local Policy?. How do I set
permissions for an XP user from the Laptop in a Workgroup
network? Maybe I'm going down the wrong path.

Please help!




No. I don't get a login option. I'm logged on as an
Administrator on the Win2k box. And logging in as "Tom"
on the XP Laptop.

Brian Oakes

Go ahead and try this. Create a user called Tom on the W2K box, and make
sure the passwords are the same. That should easily allow you to connect.


Best regards,
Brian Oakes, MCSE
Microsoft Product Support
Windows 2000 Server Networking Team

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights.
Please reply to the newsgroup so that others may benefit.


On the win 2k machine check you Lan connections in
network and dial-up connections to ensure only the
NIC/Lan connection for your lan is activated. If there are
any others displayed such as WAN, disable them. Then make
sure you can still ping in both directions. Make sure you
have shared the files and or devices you want to access
then try it. Make the share password required and once you
cross the net using the password it shold work.

Good luck, I stumbled on this when it hapended to me when
my win 2k laptop could be seen and see others, access them
but couldnot be accessed.

Good luck

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