Configure a Mailbox for Outside User



I have a request to setup an email account for a private contractor who
lives out of state. We use Exchange 2003 with Outlook XP/2003 on our
workstations. The contractor is not employed by our company but is doing some
work for one of our departments and will be working from out of state. We do
not have remote sites. In order to setup an email account on our domain for
this contractor I figure I would have to setup a network profile in AD with a
The question I have is will I have to configure Outlook on a separate
workstation that no one is using for this contractor's mailbox to access our
exchange server or is there another way to do this setup? Outlook only allows
you setup one exchange server account so I can't add her mailbox to another
user's Outlook profile. The contractor would be able to access her mailbox
via OWA. I would like to avoid setting up a workstation that no one will be
using so that this contractor can have a mailbox. Any ideas would be



Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

Apples and oranges. There is no correlation between workstations and
mailboxes at all. Give the contractor a domain profile, a mailbox, and
instructions on how to use OWA, she needs nothing more.

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