Outlook 2007 via Exchange - Shared Mailbox demands Username/Passwo



I am administering an office network running Active Directory and Exchange
(2003). A workstation on the LAN runs Office 2007 with Outlook, and needs to
access another account's mailbox and contents. I have shared the mailbox with
the user, made the user an editor, and added the mailbox to the users Outlook
client in that user's profile. However, the user cannot open the mailbox. The
user gets a message that it cannot find the object or the Exchange server is
down, and a logon prompt appears listing the last username logon and asking
for a password. All atempts at providing passwords and names fail, leaving
the mailbox innaccessible. But the mailbox is accessible to other similarly
configured users across the network. What do I need to do to give this user
access to this mailbox?

Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

Try creating a new Outlook profile.

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