Accessing same mailbox from two locations



Programs in use: Active Directory and Exchange Server 2003

I need to share 1 mailbox between two users (user1 and user2). Both users
are the same person, just different computers at two locations on the same
network. The User1 account was created 8 years ago, then we acquired a
second building where another computer resides. This user travels back and
forth. The user needs to see the same mailbox while logged on as either
user1 or user2. To accomplish this goal, I created user2 WITHOUT an exchange
mailbox. I applied the following permissions:

1. Within Active Directory, I went into the Security on the user1 account
and added user2 with Read, Send As, Read Account Restrictions, etc.
2. Next, I went into Exchange Advanced on the user1 account, opened Mailbox
Rights, and gave user2 full mailbox access
3. Next, I logged on as user2, went into the Control Panel, opened Mailbox,
and added the user1 to the profile. This way, when user2 opens the mailbox,
the user1 profile would load

This works. User2 can see user1's inbox. The only problem is, user2 cannot
send or reply to email. We receive "You do not have sufficient permission to
perform this operation on this object. See the folder contact or your system
administator." I cannot enable a Delegate or assign permissions within
Outlook on the user1 account because I did not create an exchange mailbox on
the user2 account. We currently have several users setup the same way
(i.e., one mailbox being shared by two users), and I applied the same
permissions, but it just won't work. Any advise is much appreciated.


I noticed one thing. Everytime I add user2 to the Security permissions on
the user1 account, user2 is dynamically disappears. I have to keep going
back in and adding user2 back on. Do you think this might be the issue.
Maybe the system is not recognizing the permission. Just a thought...

Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

Is there some reason this user cannot log in as "user1" on both computers?
We have about the same setup here, Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2003, and I
can go to any of the 135 PCs in the building, login as myself, setup an
Outlook profile for myself, and open my Exchange mailbox. If I care to, I
can log into several of these machines as myself and open Outlook with my
profile and mailbox on all of them.

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We also have Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003 running on terminal server. The
problem we are having is, when he logs on as the same user, he experiences
hang ups and his printer settings dynamically change. He is the executive
vice president, and it not accustomed to logging off of one computer before
going to the the next. Even if he did log off, we still have issues with the
printer. As you know, when you log off, your settings are saved. Then, when
you log on again, it loads the last saved settings. To reduce profile
corruption, and confusion, I created a separate profile for user2. This way,
his settings are specific to that computer. I discovered that when I add
user2 to his user1 security permission, user2 is disappearing dynamically.
This may be an exchange issue, which I will be posting to that community.
Any information would be much appreciated.


Thanks for the reply. His profile is setup as roaming because he logs on
from home as well. I have reason to believe it would work if it wasn't for
the fact that the user2 permission is dynamically deleted from the security
setting on user1. When I first applied the setting, everything worked fine.
Then, it went down hill. I am researching the exchange posts to see if
anyone else is experiencing a problem permission settings. Thanks again for
your help


Permission for the mailbox right might be herited so try turning off
the propagation of the permissions might help you. I am using the
same config as you and I fixed my issues by opening the same mailbox
on both users by using the Exchange Proxy Settings option in Outlook
2003. They can both access the mailbox without any problem and no
sending error. I had the same issue when I wasn't using this option.
Hope this help.

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