outlook 2003 with multiple users


rob lee

I want to set up outlook 2003 on an XPpro sp3 pc that has 3 Users

The default outlook.pst is stored on a D:\Data\outlook folder, all user
outlook profiles point to this location

when i set up email settings to retrieve mail from an IMAP server for four
email addresses each account creates a pst thus C:\Documents and
Settings\Rob\Local Settings\Application

This I can move to D:\Data\outlook folder and tell outlook where it is so no
problem so far

So I have
user1, user2, user3,
and emails
(e-mail address removed) , (e-mail address removed) , (e-mail address removed) ,
(e-mail address removed)

user1, user2, and user3 use the same email address (e-mail address removed)

with (e-mail address removed) in the “user information†box on the mail setup
wizard and (e-mail address removed) in the “login information†box plus the relevant
passwords, this repeated for each user

I want each user to be able to access and send their emails when they login
to their user accounts, and the work user to see and send all

Is this possible ?

Diane Poremsky {MVP}

Outlook creates the location for imap stores, and you can't move them. If
you used pop3 accounts you could easily move the file to the D drive and
share it.

rob lee


Thanks for your reply.
Indeed you are correct POP3 is much more flexible when you want control over
where your email is stored.

It wasn’t until i had a good hard look at my ISP that i found i could change
to POP3.

I had believed my only option was IMAP and have been wrestling with it for 6
months. Doh!

Thanks again


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