Config. Management Interface CMI Error



I'm using Windows XP Embedded with the template XPProEmulation.slx.
I want to add all printer components but suddenly the following error occurs:

"Config. Management Interface error (cmi) Code=0x.... Description=Type mismatch: 'nConfigByte'".

The Windows Script Host is updated to V5.6.







I don't really know why you are getting the error. I haven't seen such
error. Also, script code did not show any specific scenerio you could get
into to see the error (the error may happen on an instance
activation/deactivation events only).

Just to clarify what you are trying to do, either:
1) You use XPProEmulation component from XPeTools package. This
component allows you to add automatically all components from specified
category to the Configuration.
1) Or you use XPProEmulation.slx project (> 2000 components) and you are
trying to add all printer components.

(I have done both here, in fact).

If 1), I have already done that a long while ago. The result project you
will find on, it was called Printers.slx (zipped).

If 2), then you may not just have enough memory for TD (I've seen some
inconsistent behaviour of XPe Dev Tools, especially TD, when there is not
enough RAM).
I can suggest you these workarounds:
- Add more RAM and try it again
- I have just done this - added all printer components (from "Hardware :
Devices : Printers" category, 309 components) into the XPProEmulation.slx.
I can send you the result project (42Mb though, so provide me a good
location to upload the file).
- Start with Printers.slx instead.
- If you really need to use XPProEmultion but still can't add the
printer components. Launch Printer.slx, build it and just manually merge the
build into your XPProEmulation build (directory to directory copy). All the
printer components (drivers) do not have registry resources but just files
(INFs, DLLs, SYSs). So it should be fine to just add this file to your major
build and PnP will do the rest for you.

Good luck,


Hallo KM,

first of all thank you very much! Concerning your questions:
I'm using both the xpproemulation.slx file and the xpetools.sld
component. My computer has 768 MB RAM. At the moment
I'm trying to add automatically all printers via the xpetools component.
So far it works well...




Sounds good. Let me know if it does not work for you.

Btw, I've got 1G RAM on my machine and think it is the "minimal" RAM
requirement for XPe, especialy if you play with XPeProEmulation :)




James Beau Cseri

I've got 512MB RAM on my dev system. Although it's quite slow, I can still
build the XPProEmulation configuration. I haven't built the XPProEmulation
with all the printers, and my guess is that it would definitely require more
RAM if I wanted the build to complete within the next week. :)

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