conditional formatting



I want to format column I (highlight cell) under the following condition
the value in same row column F is > 0 and the cell in column I is empty. I
have put the following code in the formula bar for conditional formatting and
I'm getting an error. How do I fix the problem?

First I select column I, and then I select conditional formatting. Then I
change "cell value is" to "formula" and enter the following in the formula

=F1>0 and I1 = ""

When I click OK, I get an error. What is the error?




Place the cursor in I1 cell and press Cntrl+Spacebar and now the Column I
will be getting selected. I1 should be the active cell (Active Cell will
have a white Background after selection also). Extend your selection by
holding Shift+Down Arrow upto your desired row.

Excel 2003:-
Select Format>>Conditional Formatting>>Condition 1>>Formula Is>>
Then Click the Format command button and choose your desired Font and
Pattern colour and give Ok…

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