can conditional formatting varry the area it highlights based on c


Eric D

I have a template type spreadsheet and i would like to add conditional
formatting to it, but i don't know if conditional formatting can do this or

I want conditional formatting to highlight rows based upon a value in a cell.

Example: in cell A1 there is a formula that generates a value of 3 ... i
want conditional formatting to then highlight 3 rows ... if the formula
generated a 15 it would then highlight 15 rows.

Any suggestions? thanks!



Bob Phillips

Yes, use a formula like this over all potential rows.


David Biddulph

CF/ Formula Is

Adjust the range to suit your requirement.



Luke M

Highlight all the cells/rows you want formatted. Format - Conditional Format,
Formula is:

Note that if you wanted an offset, say you wanted to highlight rows 5, 6,
and 7, (this is an offset of 4) the formula becomes:

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